Discover how to trust your own intuition and embody your healing gifts.

“Intuition is the voice of your soul…”

Do you feel overwhelmed by other people’s energy? And the world around you?

Do you sense a deeper calling and purpose for this lifetime?

Discover how to trust your own intuition and embody your healing gifts.

Everyone has access to their intuitive gifts, yet family patterns, inherited beliefs, and traumatic events can cause you to feel disconnected from your innate power. You can clear negative energy and patterns, strengthen boundaries, and connect to the Divine through developing and deepening your intuition.

Our programs empower you to learn more about who you are, how to develop your intuition, how to live from your true self — and how to become an intuitive healer, if you so choose.

Receive a free guided meditation by Wendy De Rosa to clear unwanted energy, center yourself and embody your light.

Becoming an
Empowered Empath

How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition

Discover how to stop taking on other people’s energy and embody your unique empathic gifts.

Events &

Join Wendy for an upcoming retreat, course, or certified training. Embody your intuitive powers, clear energetic patterns, and strengthen boundaries, so you can heal yourself and others.

“Consciousness continues to rise on this planet. Empaths are waking up to their gifts — and we're all being invited to understand our intuitive abilities more fully.”

Here’s what people are saying about their work with Wendy:

“The tools I’m learning within the program are helping to heal me at such deep levels and are being woven throughout my therapeutic work with clients. Many more thank yous than this email can contain for YOU!!! Your work and your teachings of your work. I appreciate you!!!”

~ Meryl Fields, MFT, CA

“I believe in myself
because of Wendy.”

~ Jennifer, Sydney, Australia

“My work with Wendy is
changing me profoundly.”

~ Marianne, Colorado

“I was at rock bottom and Wendy helped show me the light.”

~ Terri, Montreal

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