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The Holiday Gift of Grounding

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As the holidays approach and we enter into the season of giving, I’m here to remind you of the importance of nurturing your mind, body, energy, and spirit. 

During the holidays, many of us are fixed on giving gifts to those we love. This is a beautiful aspect of the holiday season, as long as it doesn’t come at the cost of giving yourself the gifts you might need to receive.

One of the biggest gifts we have is our bodies. With our bodies, we have the ability to live out our purpose and bless the world around us! 

And since our bodies are constantly giving us what we need, it’s important to take time to give back to your body what it needs.

For example, a wonderful gift you can give to yourself is grounding. Grounding is the process of energetically connecting to the earth through your lower body by walking barefoot on Earth’s natural surfaces, such as grass, sand, dirt, or mud.  It’s also about energetically connecting to the earth’s frequency.  When doing this, the earth’s healthy energetic charges are received through your body and have an “antioxidant effect” by neutralizing free radicals and reducing inflammation in your body.  

It also helps settle the mind, the nervous system, and the energy in the body. 

The Earth’s energy is capable of enhancing mood, raising consciousness, connecting to your inner self, improving sleep, managing stress, feeling relaxed, receiving clarity, and so much more.

Through the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, difficult family dynamics, balancing work/life, managing expectations, and more, the best gift that you can give yourself during the holidays is grounding.

Take Grounding a Step Further: 

You can give the gift of grounding to other people when you communicate from a grounded place. When you ground into yourself and your body, others can feel the electrical signal of your groundedness and naturally begin to feel calmer. Alternatively, you can pray for someone else’s grounding, if a friend or loved one is in reaction to life, you can pray for them to be centered and grounded in their bodies prior to spending time with them.

…And did I mention how empowered and stable we can feel when we’re grounded?

Here is a Guided Meditation to support you with a simple grounding practice this holiday season.