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Welcome! New Website and Updates!

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I have some special announcements to share with you on what has been transpiring over the past 6 months with the School of Intuitive Studies and my personal brand.

Since December, I have felt as if I was living in a washer machine. With the help of my incredible team, we’ve accomplished a deep cleansing. To be honest, I hope I never have to do it again! Picture going through every nook and cranny of technology, the offerings, the structure, the business, and the platforms, and re-doing everything.

Internally, I’ve also been cleansing. I’ve faced some personal struggles, difficult history, and protective patterns in myself, and the only way to get to the other side was to go through them.  As hard as it was, my growth and evolution depended on it.  I feel stronger, more clear and inspired by what will transpire as a result.  

My goal has always been to maintain the same in-depth teachings, guided healing, and training but with a cleaner and more efficient technological process. Through the deep cleansing of the School of Intuitive Studies and countless hours of deep intuitive listening, I am honored to announce the transformation!

The School of Intuitive Studies will remain a certification body for my two core training programs: the Energy Healing and Intuition Training and the Intuitive Healer Training Program.  

However, everything else I have created and will continue to create is now on my new website!

Introducing the new launch of! is now home to in-person events, Divine Guidance Healings, how to access SIS, shorter programs, books…and my brand-new Online Store!

Here is some information to help guide you on where to find the products and resources: 

Portal Access: If you purchase products or trainings in the future or have in the past, your portal has a brand new look! We have completely redesigned the portal to create a more user-friendly experience. We are still migrating programs to the portal so if you are a current or past student, visit this blog post to find out how to access your products. 

Online Store: My new Digital Store is a central location for Guided Meditations, Divine Guidance Healing recordings, Bundles (of DGHs!), Virtual Retreats, and Mini Courses. 

Training Programs: Are you looking to become certified as an Intuitive Energy Healer? You can now find the Energy Healing and Intuition Training and the Intuitive Healer Training Program through or through the main navigation bar on 

Live Divine Guidance Healings:  The calendar for the Diving Guidance Healings lives under Live Events. You can register for each Divine Guidance Healing here. Please note we’ll be taking July off for the Summer. Check the Live events calendar for updates on the Divine Guidance Healings.

Upcoming Events: The Upcoming Events page lists my upcoming teaching events, whether live, virtually, or in person. 

Blog: Continue to visit my blog for articles, insights, and writings. 

Leadership Offerings: This is new. I have been guided to bring my work to leaders and leadership. Whether it’s leaders in business, organizations, founders, parents, or teachers (to name some),  I am called to help leaders connect to their light and intuition in order to increase their consciousness in these evolutionary times.  So, on my website, you will see material for leadership training, as well as energy healing and intuition training. Interested in learning more? Sign up here, and I’ll keep you posted on developments. 

I’m working on my next book and developing teachings on leading from the light within us all. Ironically, these teachings were born out of a shadow period when the only way to find authenticity was to be in the darkness and and allow the spark of light to continue to navigate through discomfort.  Leading from the light within illuminates that the cracks are necessary for a deeper self to emerge.  To be a leader is to boldly call upon the Light within you to stay grounded, sourced, and connected to your intuition. 

A Special Thank You

I have a special thank you gift for being part of my community– A 15% off coupon code that you can use for one digital product in the  Store or for the Intuitive Heart Program or Clearing Emotional Blocks to Intuition program.  Please note: Unfortunately, books are not included in this option, as sales are handled by the publisher and we don’t have control over promotions for book sales. To receive your coupon code, Sign up here! 

Thank you for being a part of my community. In many ways, this launch marks a shift in me coming out of hiding behind the school and making the transformational teachings available to so many people who will benefit from this work.  I truly look forward to how we may stay connected. I will continue to offer you podcast episodes, newsletters, blog posts, and support on personal healing, intuitive development, and soul growth. 

Together, let’s embrace the path forward, and I will continue to support you on your journey of embodying your intuition and the light you are here to be. 

With love,


P.S. Because you are one of our trusted community members, you are getting a sneak peek of my website before the public. This means you’ll have your eyes on everything before anyone else. Some pages are still coming, and many products in our Digital Store are still being added. I’d appreciate it if you were an extra pair of eyes for us and let us know if you see something that needs attention. While I’d love our website launch to be seamless, website launches often have some kinks to iron out, so don’t hesitate to let us know if you see a correction that needs to be made! If you are having difficulties with login please try to reset your password. If you continue to face challenges, feel free to reach out for support.

P.p.s. If you are on my newsletter, you’ll soon see that our emails will be changing from to Please allow us a couple of weeks for this transition.  If you are not yet on our newsletter, you can sign up here and receive a free course on Developing Your Intuition!