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Staying In Your Channel

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Have you ever made a commitment to stay in your channel? 

Your channel is a vertical pathway from the crown of your head to your tailbone fueled by light from above and the earth below. It’s the lifeforce energy of higher love and infinite consciousness that sources your soul and your body. We need it to stay soulfully aligned, strong, and centered.

We get there by meditating in the channel, praying, visualizing, and setting intentions to feel the waterfall of light, sourcing the vibrant channel within you.

A concentrated amount of time in your channel can look like this: 

  • Letting the agenda go 
  • Stepping into a creative flow 
  • Dissolving the ego mind 
  • Rest and recovery 
  • Integrating all that’s been accomplished 
  • Building Trust in the Divine 
  • Receiving higher guidance 
  • Healing your mind, body, and soul 
  • Heart opening 
  • Making space for what’s to come 
  • Healing with love
  • …and more

Committing to time in your channel is a spiritual practice that becomes automatic when a concentrated amount of time is given to being in it and allowing the unfolding.

That is me this June. From last September until now, I’ve been through a lot. I’ve created a lot, and my output has been….a lot. June is my time in my channel for all the reasons above and more.

This past Divine Guided Healing (link in case you missed it)  was so powerful that it held space for being in between who we were and who we are becoming. Sometimes, the in-between requires transformational time in our channel.

As some people know, the Divine Guidance Healing topics are downloaded to me from the Guides and Angels in a series that rolls out over a period of time. This June, I need time to be in my channel to download that series. Once I have those topics, we will upload them to my website for you.

I also need time in my channel to create new podcast topics. So, I’m taking a little break from the podcast so I can create new topics and record them. It takes some production time, so having this break will allow the new themes to unfold.  Want to help me with this? Feel free to send me topic ideas here! I’d love it if you had leadership ideas, too!

That being said, I’ve created something for all of us to stay in our channel.  Here’s what it is:

I happen to really love Mondays. OK, don’t laugh. I know I might be the odd one out here, but I love the feeling of a fresh start, and Mondays seem to be that feeling for me. 

So, if you don’t love Mondays, you’re in luck because I’ve created some inspiration for you every Monday morning through the summer that will come in your inbox. They are simple videos, quotes, and blog posts to help you align for your week.  I hope they support you in staying in your channel no matter where you are on your path right now. The first one will start on June 10 and will continue until August 26. 

During this time, I will also be getting my new book ready for publishing and preparing for the Fall launch of the Energy Healing and Intuition Training. We have decided to hold annual enrollment only for the program instead of keeping it open for enrollment year-round. 

This will allow students who want to take the certification level of the program to complete the first year in time to enroll in the second year. So, enrollment for the EHIT is open now and will close by October 1.  

If you are interested in joining us for the 2024/2025 year, you can learn more here and set up a one-on-one call with one of our team members. Our live calls have already started, so you can join us now and make the first call on June 11

There is also one spot left still for the Costa Rica retreat this July 6-13. If you are interested in being nurtured in the beauty and grace of Costa Rica and experiencing deep healing, the last room can be yours! Sign up here.

Lastly, we’ve added new guided healings to my Digital Store! Sometimes, we all can use a little help clearing energy and aligning in our channel. If you need that support right away, the guided healings are here for you with instant access. Access the Digital Store here

I’ll be in touch on Monday mornings in your inbox and on Instagram and Facebook. For leaders, join me on Linkedin.

Happy June! Enjoy the sunshine, trees, flowers, birds, rain, or however Mother Nature speaks to you this month.

With love,