Meet Wendy De Rosa

Wendy De Rosa is an international intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. For the past two decades, she has offered education and training programs for spiritual and personal growth to thousands of people wanting to develop their intuition and experience personal transformation. Now, Wendy offers Intuitive Executive Healing and Coaching to CEOs, startup founders, business executives, and other leaders who would like to gain an intuitive understanding of what decisions to make, who to hire, and what their business body needs to thrive.

She is the founder of the School of Intuitive Studies and the Intuitive Healer Training Program & Certification. Wendy is an esteemed teacher who leads workshops and training globally, including programs for Mindvalley’s Soulvana channel, and as a top faculty member at The Shift Network. For more information on Wendy’s upcoming events, monthly healings, and signature training and certification programs, visit her Events Page here.

Wendy is a contributing writer in the bestselling book Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times with Wayne Dyer, Brian Tracy, John Assaraf, and other leaders in personal growth. Her book Expanding Your Heart: Awakening through Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening is an Amazon bestseller.

Wendy’s next bestseller, Becoming an Empowered Empath: How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition will be in your favorite local bookstore, April 1, 2021. You can preorder Becoming an Empowered Empath here.

While we’ve refrained from being the Christmas onesie family for years, creativity flourished this pandemic holiday.  I live in Longmont, Colorado with my husband, James, my daughter and stepson. James is from Costa Rica and when we could travel, we spent time between Costa Rica and the United States offering retreats, and surf camps.  I lived a long career of 18 years as an intuitive healer before I had a child, and when I’m not teaching, writing or facilitating healing, I’m with this sensitive, intuitive, creative, empathic and heart-centered crew!

“Thank you deeply for your teachings, empowering others with your giftedness to be able to help us see our true nature and free it. I have felt deep shifts within because of you and my soul is able to shine brighter. You’ve helped me to find more happiness and meaning. I appreciate you and your presence has helped me to transform so that others can be enhanced by my presence in turn. You are a brilliant light, a gift in this world.”

— Shaina Hecht

“Thank you for your pure heart and wisdom and the alchemy of grace that flows through you. My heart feels so grateful for your truly transformative and loving gifts and the essence of who you are, pure love.”

— Susan

“Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful spirit. The energy you radiate is so healing and amazing. The teaching and meditations have been so deep and wonderful. I have learned and been validated so much through this. Thank you for providing a container, a safe spiritual space to do this work. So so grateful. ”

— Lori

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