Become a

Certified Healer

with Wendy De Rosa

➔ Receive Client Referrals

➔ Grow your skills and practice

➔ Stay connected in a vibrant community

Hello Graduate!

The Certified Healer Program and Referral Page on the website is a chance for you to be highlighted as a Certified Healer!  This is an opportunity for you to:

  • Continue to gain exposure as a healer on my website
  • Stay connected with me and peers in a graduate community
  • Strengthen your facilitating and healer skills in groups and with clients
  • Be able to hold space and support our live events 
  • Support students through the EHIT program
  • Feel a sense of belonging, community, and connection
  • Bring your healing gifts to others through our vibrant community

Becoming a Certified Healer means you will have a profile on our Certified Healers Referral Page, and you will be able to keep 100% of the profits from any client who reaches out to you for healings or assisting in the EHIT, all from within the website. 

This is an annual membership opportunity for you to be a select group of healers who uphold the intentions, integrity, and core values of our offerings.

And because gaining referrals requires visibility within the community, as a Certified Healer, your membership will include:

  • Presence on the Wendy De Rosa Healer Referral Page where you will be visible as a trained and select healer to receive client referrals for healing sessions and assisting.


  • Lead a Soul Pod– Based on interest you will have an opportunity to lead a soul pod group for the EHIT.


  • Presence in the EHIT Community Facebook Group by commenting, liking, sharing in the group as it relates to the course programs, you gain exposure to new students who may benefit from working with a graduate as a healer along their journey.


  • Periodic Mentions by our FB Admin to help the students know who the Certified Healers are in the group, and encourage them to connect with a healer.


  • Certified Healer Mention on our EHIT Registration and Orientation pages to guide students to our referral page for extra support during the program.


  • Attend and Assist choice Live Events with Certified Healer name placement for visibility and holding space. Visibility on live calls helps!


  • Access to the EHIT Program for continued access, which will allow you to track where students are in their process in order to comment or provide support in the Facebook group.


  • A Private Certified Healers Facebook Community for you to connect with each other as graduates, share insights, support, and to debrief assisting events or progress as a healer.


  • One Training call with Wendy and the Team on assisting events.


  • One Group Orientation call with Wendy once onboarded as a Certified Healer.

Plus, as an added bonus, you’ll receive access to the Divine Guidance Healings live (or recordings) for 1 year from the time you enroll.

You will receive ALL of this for 1 annual price of $1199. If you apply before June 15, you can get your first year for $999. Details will be available during the discovery call.

This is your opportunity to build your practice, receive support, and have a network to continue receiving healing and staying connected. Not to mention, a referral page membership is a tax write-off (in the US)!

Take advantage of this exceptional opportunity.

Referral networks can cost twice this amount and offer nowhere near the offerings available to you.

Are You Ready?

There is a short application and a Discovery call to answer
your questions and go over the criteria.


What is a Discovery Call? You will meet with the enrollment team to learn about what our values, requirements, and expectations are for Certified Healers and be able to ask questions. As much as we would like to accept everyone, we are looking for healers who are ready to lead from an integrated and embodied personal practice, within the work of the IHTPs. This call allows us to determine your level of engagement, alignment, and readiness to guide students and lead as an intuitive energy healer.

I look forward to having you on my team of Certified Healers!

Blessings, Wendy