It’s time to understand, embody, and share your intuitive healing gifts…

Do you easily absorb other people’s energy and emotions, and sometimes merge with them?

You may also often experience overwhelm, confusion, a sense of ungroundedness or feelings of unworthiness…

These may be signs that you’re ready for a deeper level of personal healing — and that you’re WAKING up as an intuitive healer for others.

And what you may not realize is that your intuition is multi-dimensional… more than a felt sense, a voice in your head, an inner knowing, or “psychic vision.”

You actually have many gifts of intuition…healing abilities held within your subtle energy body and four intuitive power centers.

Being a skilled guide for others’ healing requires learning where, and how, your body is sensing and intuiting information.

During this 50-minute workshop, renowned intuitive healer and spiritual teacher Wendy De Rosa, guides you to:

  • Sense the energetic qualities of the four aspects to intuition
  • Understand the essential role of the subtle energy body in intuitive healing
  • Work with the front and back side of your subtle energy body — to bring your four intuitive power centers into balance
  • Help you and your clients locate and unblock the four intuitive power centers (chakras)
  • Understand how your soul receives intuitive information, how your body responds, and how to utilize these “spiritual downloads” for healing
  • Hold boundaries so that you can deepen healing in yourself and others, safely and effectively
  • Understand how unprocessed emotions block your intuitive abilities, and what’s needed energetically, to release these emotions
  • How the chakras hold and process your intuitive healing gifts so that you can share them with others
  • Release patterns of over-caretaking and hypervigilance
  • Regain your innate wisdom and power as an empath, sensitive and intuitive healer
  • Access and source the pillar of light within you to empower your own and others’ healing
  • Dissolve energy blocks and wounds held in the lower body, so that intuition can flow in all four centers
  • The key to healing belief systems and imprints carried from childhood, ancestors and past lives
Fear, shame, overwhelm and absorption of other people’s energies and emotions may be intensifying with the global pandemic. Yet, these experiences are also an invitation for you to embrace your calling… as a healer, and a soul who incarnated at exactly this time!