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What is Intuitive Energy Healing

Intuitive Energy Healing addresses the energy held in the body, mind, soul, and universe that may contribute to a physical, emotional, mental, or energetic symptom.  An intuitive energy healer utilizes their gift of intuition and higher consciousness to tune into a client’s energetic system to help identify root causes, energetic imprints, blocks, or awarenesses that may need attention or to be cleared. The healer will then guide the individual through clearing the energy held in the body.  

Many people seek intuitive energy healing when they are ready to look beneath their mind and access the information their soul, body, or energetic system is carrying and bring to the surface to let go. When this energy is released, a person often feels clear, lighter, inspired, uplifted, supported, and more connected to their true self. 

All healers have trained with and have certification with Wendy De Rosa at an advanced level. Some are faculty at the school, and many have been assistants for our training programs. When reviewing the profiles of healers, allow your intuition to guide you because one healer may have a particular skill set or modality that meets exactly what you need. Our healers are skilled and wonderful human beings who are passionate about supporting others on their healing journey. 

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