Module 1: Introduction to Intuition


Listen to this introduction on intuition as a fundamental human experience. We will also cover some of the common blocks to tapping into your intuition.

Grounding Meditation

This 15 minute guided meditation will assist you in getting grounded so you connect with your true intuitive inner voice.

Module 2: Intuition vs Ego

In Module 2, Wendy will reveal how to quiet your mind so you can listen to your intuition and to discern when you are being distracted by the voice of your ego.

Module 3: Review

In this final module, Wendy will cover:

  1. Unprocessed emotion that can block Intuition

  2. The loud inner critic

  3. Low self-esteem

  4. Feeling ungrounded or unprocessed emotions

  5. How to strengthen your intuition

  6. Getting ongoing support