Unearth and overcome the negative imprints and patterns that keep you from living in connection with your Divine Self. 

Receive deep guided energy clearings facilitated from the Divine Realm to help you release blockages in your energetic body.

Dear soul-healing seeker, 

It can be frustrating to feel blocked and stuck in repetitive and outdated patterns, especially when your heart and soul know there is more peace, joy, happiness, and possibility for you in this life. 

Sometimes, the Divine has a bigger plan, and energy needs to be cleared in order for you to align with that bigger mission of who you are and why you are here.  

Your higher self knows what you are here for and what energetic blocks, imprints, and karma you may need to clear in order to fully live your purpose on this earth.  

Transformation can happen through many modalities, yet sometimes, Divine Healing reaches places in our being that the mind cannot. Divine Healing is available to us through our Spirit Guides and Angels and the healing light is powerful.    

For two decades, I have been offering Divine Guidance Healings. By holding space in a clear, clean, and loving container of support, these healings allow for you to relax, let go, and receive a deep, powerful energy clearing.

“Profound life-changing healing…”

“When I describe my sessions with Wendy to friends and family, I can only say that what she does is a miracle. The healing work that she has done with me has been profoundly life-changing to say the least. I would recommend Wendy to anyone who is open to making long-lasting changes in his or her life. I’ve done a lot of personal work over the years and I was amazed to see what Wendy could do… I wouldn’t miss a chance to let her into your life.”

— A.H. of San Francisco, CA

Here’s how it works:

In these POWERFUL 60-minute healing sessions, I tap into the collective of the group consciousness and our Spirit Guides and Angels to facilitate a guided healing and energy clearing. You can release years of blocked energy as you are held in a container of Divine Love.

The messages and healing delivered in the Divine Guidance Healings are directly for you as much as they are for the group collective. Even though I may not know exactly what you are working through personally at the time of the call, your guides know. Through collective healing, you will gain a deeper awareness through the guided messages. If you did not listen to the calls live, the healings are equally as powerful in the recordings.

This group call is empowering because it enables you to be your own healer. Not only do you receive what you need based on your intention to heal, but the experience itself strengthens your trust and your ability to self-heal.  

Then, after the 60-minute Divine Guidance Healing, there will be a 30-minute Q&A live with me, where you can ask questions or simply integrate the healing session.

About Wendy

Wendy De Rosa is an international intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. She offers education and training programs for developing intuition, energy healing, leadership, and personal transformation to thousands of people worldwide who want to develop their intuition and experience personal transformation. 

She is the founder of the renowned Energy Healing and Intuition Training. Wendy has been a faculty member of The Shift Network, MindValley’s spiritual growth channel Soulvana, and has appeared on CBS News/Better Connecticut. She’s written articles for Spirituality & Health, Medium, Thrive, and more. She also hosts her own podcast and has taught live in venues such as Kripalu, Omega, 1440, Blue Spirit, and more. Her best-selling books include Becoming an Empowered Empath and Expanding Your Heart.

2024 Guided Healing Schedule

Sign up below for each session.  Will there be a recording if you cannot make it live? YES! These healings are equally as powerful within the recordings.  Once you enroll, you’ll have access to the recording in your online portal after the live call. 

Strengthening Your Divine Connection without
Losing Your Ground

In a world filled with various names for the Divine—God, Grace, Divinity, Higher Power, Creator, Brahman, Allah, and more—nurturing a profound spiritual connection that is personal to you can provide you with essential support in your daily life. This connection can help you feel nourished, guided, and grounded in the human experience. However, there’s a fine line to walk because being spiritual can sometimes equate to being ungrounded, but it doesn’t have to be.  This Divine Guidance Healing will allow you to release any energy that keeps you from having a solid footing on Earth while embracing your spiritual journey.  In this Healing, you will embark on a journey to deepen your spiritual connection while keeping your feet firmly on the Earth. Let go of the fear that may be holding you back and step into the light of your divine connection. This event promises to be a profound and healing experience that will set the stage for a healthy and spiritually enriched new year.

Unraveling the Unspoken Words and Silent Emotions
that Hold Tight in the Jaw

February 7 @ 4:00 pm PT

Have you ever found yourself clenching your jaw, grinding your teeth at night, or experiencing a lump in your throat or a burning sensation in your heart? These physical manifestations often signal that there are unspoken words and suppressed emotions lurking within. It’s essential to acknowledge and release these pent-up feelings to restore balance and harmony to your life. This event offers a profound, guided healing experience designed to help you release the suppressed energy that obstructs your ability to express your inner truth. By addressing and releasing the stifled emotions held within your throat chakra, you can regain control of your voice and unlock the deeper truth that resides within you. Join this transformative experience and take the first step toward emotional freedom and authentic self-expression.

Clearing the Blocks to Loving Your Body

March 6 @ 11:00 am PT

Our thoughts, feelings, habits, and attitudes towards our bodies are deeply influenced by beliefs that were imprinted in us long before we had words to express them. Culturally ingrained and societal messages have often instilled the idea that something is inherently wrong with our bodies, whether it’s related to aging, weight, proportions, or functions. This healing event is dedicated to supporting you in the process of clearing subconscious judgments, self-hatred, comparisons, and limiting beliefs about your body. The ultimate goal is to foster self-love and acceptance of your body just as it is. By clearing the subconscious judgments and societal beliefs that have held you back from embracing your body, you can find love and acceptance for the body you inhabit. This Divine Guidance Healing promises to be a transformative experience that guides you toward a healthier and more loving relationship with your physical self.

Releasing Outdated Fears that Block Abundance,
Security, and Trust

May 1 @ 11:00 am PT

Abundance and security are closely intertwined with trust. Trust is the essential ability to relax into the present moment and allow life to unfold. However, when your body and soul carry a heavy burden of historical fears, the notion of relaxing into the moment may seem unsafe, leading to a contraction that hinders trust. This, in turn, blocks the pathways to abundance and security. This transformative healing is dedicated to providing you with the support needed to release the ancestral fears that have held you back from embracing abundance, security, and trust.  By shedding these ancestral fears, you can open yourself to a life filled with trust, well-being, and prosperity. Join this deep guided meditation to let go of old ancestral fears that keep you from accessing abundance, security, and trust.

Healing the Uncertainty of Becoming and Embracing the In-Between

June 5 @ 4:00 pm PT

As human beings, we are often personally and collectively thrust into the unknown about the future. Whether it is with the economy, an election year, technological advancements, sickness in the body, consciousness evolving, or how to simply be. In response, we can inadvertently allow uncertainty to define our experience of the unknown through avoidance, disengagement, or force entrapping us in a cycle of fear. But there is another perspective we can choose to understand our experience and leverage emotions to embrace empowerment. The positioning of uncertainty within the transitions of life is a call to deepen our connection to ourselves and our stillness because, in that space, we are becoming…more true, more honest, and more authentic. Yet, it’s awkward to be in the unknown, the silence, the discomfort, and the transitions as we become more whole.  In this Divine Guidance Healing, you will receive Angelic Energy clearing to support your healing in the space between who you were and who you are becoming. This guided healing will help clear fears that are arising and nurture your soul through life’s transitions.

More Live Events to Come in Fall 2024!

You can also find past Divine Guidance Healings for sale in our digital store.

Here’s what people are sharing about Wendy's Healings:

Wendy truly has a gift to heal…

— C.O. of Oakland, CA

“Wendy truly has a gift to heal.  Her compassion, insight and talent to work with energy has brought tremendous guidance to me and has enabled me to bring profound changes into my life.”

I have never met anyone with more skill, talent, or integrity…

— Jenny C. of Brooklyn, NY

“In the ten years since I began doing ongoing personal healing work, I have never met anyone with more skill, talent, or integrity than Wendy De Rosa. Wendy is one of the exceedingly rare individuals who is supremely gifted in both the nuts-and-bolts of creating safe and grounded sessions, as well as in using energy, divine guidance, and psychic abilities to get to the heart of one’s issues.”

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What to Expect with Energy Clearing

Please note that these healing sessions are powerful and clear a lot of energy.  Energy healing addresses the underlying layers where imprints, blocks, unprocessed emotions, physical conditions, and patterns are stored in your energetic system. Once energy is cleared and the flow of light is restored, your body will respond to that shift on a cellular level. Because “issues may have been in the tissues” for a long time, moving energy means deeper layers may surface. It’s possible to feel lighter, relaxed, clear, and centered, and sometimes, people experience fatigue, emotions, body sensations, and more. This is a good indication your body needs to release energy after the session to integrate the healing. Releasing includes moving your body, deep breathing, journaling, expression, hydration, getting out into nature, allowing the waves of emotions to release with self-compassion, and doing something joyful for yourself.  If you are within the care of a medical doctor or psychological services, please consult your provider before participating in Divine Guidance healings as adjunct support, and please see our medical disclaimer in our terms and conditions.