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Do you feel overwhelmed by other people’s energy? And the world around you?

Do you sense a deeper calling and purpose for this lifetime?

Discover how to trust your own intuition and embody your healing gifts.

Everyone has access to their intuitive gifts, yet family patterns, inherited beliefs, and traumatic events can cause you to feel disconnected from your innate power. You can clear negative energy and patterns, strengthen boundaries, and connect to the Divine through developing and deepening your intuition.

Our programs empower you to learn more about who you are, how to develop your intuition, how to live from your true self — and how to become an intuitive healer, if you so choose.

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Becoming an Empowered Empath

Interviews & Events

How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition

Discover how to stop taking on other people’s energy and embody your unique empathic gifts…

Being overly empathic can lead to overwhelm, burn out, and chronic health issues. Personal growth work and clearing or reinforcing your chakras and auric field is not enough to shift this life-long pattern.

To realize the gifts of being an empath, an overly empathetic person must learn how to stop taking on other people’s energy, create and maintain their own energetic boundaries, and reset their emotional center. 

Through this depth-healing process, an empath can relearn how to turn their attention to nurturing their own energy body, embodying their intuitive gifts, and deepening their connection to the Divine.

In this book, empaths can learn the step-by-step process to just this and live the empowered lives they desire.

School of Intuitive Studies Membership

Monthly or Annual Membership

This membership provides you with a guide, a community of like-minded beings, and a home. It will be a place for you to feel grounded, safe, and supported. 

In becoming a member of our community, your intuition and empathy will be immersed and harnessed through monthly live classes and digital teachings from trained facilitators.

In addition, you will also receive guided healings based on Divinely guided themes and workshops by global author, intuitive energy healer, and teacher Wendy De Rosa, to help you further your gift and attunement.

Become an Intuitive Healer

A Yearlong Training to Amplify Your Innate Intuitive Gifts &
Activate Your Divine Calling as a Healer

Deepen your intuitive abilities to help you heal yourself and others…

Your intuitive gifts are emerging and you sense a calling to heal and help others. On some level, you’ve always known that your soul incarnated for this moment — and that your personal healing journey is interwoven with your Higher Mission.

In this yearlong depth training program, Wendy will guide you to develop fundamental skills to expand your intuition. 

You’ll clear energy blocks, heal familial and ancestral wounds, and align your energy and intentions with your soul and the Divine.   

Wendy and her co-facilitators will share a range of tools and practices that will empower you as you deepen your intuitive gifts — and guide others along their healing path.

Discover Upcoming Retreats & Courses with Wendy

Join Wendy for an upcoming weekend healing retreat, weeklong immersion in Costa Rica, or an online or digital course.

Discover how to embody your intuitive powers, clear energetic patterns, and strengthen boundaries, so you can heal yourself and others. Gather with a soul-aligned, heart-aligned global community for these powerful, transformational, healing events.