Lead from

your light

– Unapologetically!

Orientation Session

with Global Speaker, Founder & Best Selling Author,
Wendy De Rosa

Join me for a LIVE Q&A
March 5 @ 11 am PT/2 pm ET

Do you find yourself hesitating to step into your role as
the gifted healer or practitioner that you are?

As graduates of the IHTP, you’ve undergone training and certification to become Intuitive Energy Healers, yet may still grapple with what it means to bring your light into the world. It’s time to unravel the reasons behind this struggle and bid farewell to fear, welcoming your Light with open arms.

I’ve crafted a potent program exclusively for you—a space where your unique gifts aren’t just acknowledged but celebrated.

“Lead from Your Light Unapologetically” is a transformative 12-week journey designed to unearth your soul’s mission while releasing the patterns that hinder your progress. Regardless of the origins of your conditioning, beliefs, fears, or limitations, this program offers profound guided energy clearings to dismantle subconscious barriers, empowering you to lead from the brilliance of your own Light.

Here is what you will gain from this program:
  • Experience how to embrace the Divine Feminine in Leadership and honor the Divine Masculine in business.

  • Learn how to step into the training you received, face the fear, and do it anyway. 

  • Transform the triggers that arise in business to inner work that unlocks the key to freedom, confidence, and empowerment.

  • How to not lose your center around the needs of others as a practitioner, and how to maintain your professional boundaries.
  • Learn how to embody and lead from your light with clients, with making money, with being seen, with growing business, with boundaries, with friendships, work, and anywhere in your life.


  • Discover how you show up anywhere in your life as a leader who is not afraid to be seen or be swallowed by the pain of the past.


  • How to heal in order to grow professionally.


  • Release what keeps you from being unapologetically intuitive, claim your choice to trust your light, and courageously step into the power to lead from your deep calling.

Join me for a LIVE Q&A
March 5 @ 11 am PT/2 pm ET