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your light

– Unapologetically!

A 12-Week Professional Empowerment Program for Practitioners 

with Global Speaker, Founder & Best Selling Author,
Wendy De Rosa

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Do you find yourself hesitating to step into your role as
the gifted healer or practitioner that you are?

When envisioning yourself as a healer and managing your practice, the concept of “leadership” might not immediately spring to mind.

However, answering the call to aid others inherently positions you as a leader guided by wisdom, intuition, boundaries, authenticity, vulnerability, self-worth, expertise, and confidence in steering a healing practice.

Leadership manifests in various forms—whether as heads of businesses, organizations, households, activists, practitioners, or healers. It emanates an indefinable energy that people sense. Leading involves a profound soul-driven mission to facilitate change, nurture growth, exhibit compassion, and guide others along their paths.

Yet, leadership calls for courage, transparency, vulnerability, facing fears of failure, fear of success, being seen, and an unwavering reliance on intuition. Within every leader or healer resides an intrinsic motivator—that inner spark, your Light—which, when radiant, inspires and uplifts others, prompting them to awaken to their own gifts.

Conversely, when that light dims, the leader is left depleted, overwhelmed, subdued, anxious, and ineffectual, both to others and themselves.

Creatives, visionaries, empaths, and those deeply committed to humanity are all leaders in their own right. Their leadership springs from an inner fire and a resolute call to persevere, to imbue life with purpose, and to leave a meaningful legacy for present and future generations.

As a healer, you’ve honed skills for self-healing and assisting others. Yet, transitioning into the professional realm of managing a practice can unveil new layers of growth and necessitate ongoing professional development. This course serves as an inner odyssey to cultivate personal growth while fostering professional advancement and financial prosperity.

As healers and practitioners, your inner light is indispensable in an ever-challenging world. It embodies your soul, intuition, and innate gifts, essential for navigating the complexities of our time.

Is your 

Inner Leader

ready to step forward?

As graduates of the IHTP, you’ve undergone training and certification to become Intuitive Energy Healers, yet may still grapple with what it means to bring your light into the world. It’s time to unravel the reasons behind this struggle and bid farewell to fear, welcoming your Light with open arms.

I’ve crafted a potent program exclusively for you—a space where your unique gifts aren’t just acknowledged but celebrated.

“Lead from Your Light Unapologetically” is a transformative professional development 12-week journey designed to unearth your soul’s mission while releasing the patterns that hinder your progress. Regardless of the origins of your conditioning, beliefs, fears, or limitations, this program offers profound guided energy clearings to dismantle subconscious barriers, empowering you to lead from the brilliance of your own Light.

Here is what you will gain from this program:
  • Experience how to embrace the Divine Feminine in Leadership and honor the Divine Masculine in business.

  • Learn how to step into the training you received, face the fear, and do it anyway. 

  • Transform the triggers that arise in business to inner work that unlocks the key to freedom, confidence, and empowerment.

  • How to not lose your center around the needs of others as a practitioner, and how to maintain your professional boundaries.
  • Learn how to embody and lead from your light with clients, with making money, with being seen, with growing business, with boundaries, with friendships, work, and anywhere in your life.


  • Discover how you show up anywhere in your life as a leader who is not afraid to be seen or be swallowed by the pain of the past.


  • How to heal in order to grow professionally.


  • Release what keeps you from being unapologetically intuitive, claim your choice to trust your light, and courageously step into the power to lead from your deep calling.
Here’s what’s included each week:

Live Weekly Sessions with Wendy: 
Engage in 2-hour live sessions every Thursday from March 28 to June 13 @ 11 am PT/2 pm ET for interactive learning and support.

Guided Healings:
Experience weekly guided healing sessions to facilitate deep transformation aligned with your goals.

Live Teachings and Accountability:
Participate in weekly teachings and accountability sessions to support your growth and progress.

Comprehensive Worksheets:
Access accompanying worksheets to reinforce learning and guide your personal journey.

Plus, the first 3 people who register will receive a private Intuitive Energy Healing Session with Wendy!


Here is what you will learn each week:


Module 1

What it Means to Lead From Your Light as a Professional

In the inaugural week, we delve into the profound concept of leading from your light as a professional. Recognizing that healers often grapple with conditioning and beliefs around money, success, worth, and security. This module aims to bridge the gap between the gifted healer and the one bound by silent codes of limitation. Participants will understand the significance of saying “yes” to their calling and light while navigating the complexities of ingrained beliefs. This module sets the foundation for the subsequent weeks, paving the way for practitioners to unlock their full potential as leaders who confidently lead from their unique light.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • A guided journey to access the light that leads you and how to trust this gift within you
  • An initiatory process to step forward as a leader in your life personally and professionally
  • How to courageously unravel the fear of your own light
  • Why your gifts are needed in the world and how your inner leader will get you there

Module 2

Becoming Unapologetically Intuitive

You are already intuitive. Yet, do you need to hide your gift from your friends, family, spouse or anyone else in your life and then fall back to old patterns that disable you from standing in your center? Do you need reasons, advice from others, or permission from others to make big decisions?  Do big decisions scare you? Societal and cultural conditioning keep many brilliant intuitives in the closet or typecast as odd or woo-woo. Yet the number one skill that many business leaders will attribute their biggest decisions to is… intuition.  Becoming unapologetically intuitive means you are choosing to stay deeply connected to your channel and your center without losing ground, boundaries, or power in the situation.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • A deep guided inner healing to clear what keeps you wavering around your intuition and how your intuition can become clearer
  • How to make decisions based on data feedback and intuitive feedback in high-stakes situations
  • How to overcome ignoring your own light, turning mental chaos and overwhelm into a grounded professional

Module 3

Embodying the Feminine in the Patriarchal
Paradigm as a Leader

Ingrained patriarchal norms are rampant in every system you can think of, including your own body’s system. Running a healing practice, company, or group inevitably stirs patriarchal norms like dualistic thinking, inequality in work efforts, looking to the masculine with more authority, criticizing or judging the feminine within and externally, and insecurity around worth or pay. This module is about making room for the feminine qualities in leadership, such as empathy, vulnerability, the “we” consciousness.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • A deep guided healing to awaken the feminine leader and balance it with the masculine within
  • How the Patriarchal paradigm engrained in all genders needs to be healed in order to evolve to the next evolution of consciousness 
  • How to embody the Divine Feminine in leadership and embody your power
  • The importance of the non-dualistic, inclusive nature of the feminine, which includes both, as well as community, collaboration, and creativity
  • Defining your worth
  • That is not about being at the podium, it’s about how to allow your light to lead  
  • Overcome giving power away, codependency

Module 4

Breaking Molds, Being the Change, and Overcoming the Fear of Both

In this module, we make space for fear.  Putting yourself out there, building your dreams, and growing a business includes facing the fears of change, criticisms, risks, and everything it takes to embrace your full potential. Fear is part of the journey.  To go for what you want, you have to embrace change from what was familiar to you.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • A deep healing journey to clear the fear that holds you back from changing, becoming, and evolving
  • How to dream big, make space for the fear, and do it anyway
  • How to navigate the shifts from job security to entrepreneurship and trust the process
  • How to manage change, transitions, and the creative unfolding of a business

Module 5

Transforming Co-dependency and Burnout into Bravery and Authenticity

Codependent patterns can show up in business between practitioners and clients, between co-founders, between contractors, or any interpersonal dynamic when you were raised with it.  It’s a sneaky one. When running a heart-conscious business or practice, the calling to serve or help others is a noble one, but it can also trigger old patterns of losing connection to yourself, over-giving, losing boundaries, feeling overly- responsible, merging, and burnout. Brave and authentic leadership includes catching your own patterns as they are happening, healing those “young places” that learned how to survive with the co-dependent patterns, and gaining skills to shift the pattern in a professional setting.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • A guided healing to heal the disconnection from yourself deep in your energetic system and reclaim the sense of presence and authentic connection with yourself
  • How to establish boundaries between you and your clients, group, or team
  • How to overcome needing to fix everything, perfectionism, and over-care-taking

Module 6

Courageous Conversations that Can Build Trust and Create Connection

It can be hard to have difficult conversations personally and professionally. How can conversations be an opening and bridge to deeper connection and even healing instead of an endpoint? When is communication needed, and how do we stay in connection while being clear, aligned, and in integrity? Communication is a skill that can take a long time to learn, yet in this module, you’re going to learn some approaches to staying in connection and and have the opportunity to practice.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • How to have difficult conversations when you grow up learning to navigate the silence or punishment for speaking
  • How to make space to have difficult conversations with people you are in a professional relationship with
  • How to hold the connection and communicate authentically
  • The motivation behind the conversation. What’s the goal?
  • Skills and prompts on how to have conversations that heal
  • The opportunity to practice courageous conversations

Module 7

Leading a Group or Team with Empowered Empathy, Clear Visions, and Emotional Resilience

Leading a person or a group of any kind is one of the first ways to witness your leadership skills in action. Groups can ignite old patterns and opportunities for growth. Leading can mean teaching through modeling how to manage or stay true in situations such as boundaries, emotional dysregulation, strong personalities, or upsetting group dynamics.  Learning how to implement empathy and authenticity, along with clear vision and directives, can help guide the group through modeling.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • How to Lead a group with empathy, clarity, and emotional resilience
  • How to bring the topic back into focus when the group goes off into a tangent
  • How Being real with how you feel leads to authenticity and trust
  • Repair and apologize, acknowledging what’s true or the feelings involved
  • How to respond to intense sharing in a group

Module 8

How to Make Difficult Decisions While Leading from Empathy

Statistics show that you will make thousands of decisions every day of your life. A good portion of those decisions will be happening in your business or in practice. Some decisions you will have to make will be based on data input, and some will be based on intuition. Empathically aware leaders have the ability to see all sides of a situation. This can make decisions challenging. In this module, you will explore the integration of your guidance in decision-making combined with data input. You will also learn how to tune into what’s ahead, how to plan, and how to see what’s coming down the pipeline.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • Accelerate your intuition to support decision-making and reading the future
  • How to have strong empathy and clarity in decisions
  • Know When to Hold and When to Fold, When to Walk Away and When to Run
  • How to work with your higher guidance in decision-making

Module 9

Being Seen on Social Media and Getting Your Message Out

This module is for the entrepreneur, healer, or practitioner who struggles with or even despises “marketing” themselves. While it can be true that younger generations have an easier time with social media, the digital world is how the word gets out these days.  How can you clarify your message, lead from a deep connection within you, and overcome self-doubt and feeling like a fraud? 

In this module, you will experience: 

  • A deep guided healing to release fears of being seen and putting yourself out there
  • Ways to post, create, and present through platforms that are true to you
  • How to uncover what is authentically you and in doing so you automatically shine

Module 10

Open to the Universe for Infinite Receiving Abundance

Abundance is the energetic quality of having fullness, bounty, safety, worthiness, and love. Although abundance is often tied to finances, abundance is rooted in the presence or lack of love, security, safety, trust, worthiness, belonging, and more.  In business, how can you harness the universal power of flow and abundance into your life to create more sense of opportunity and flow in your life and business or healing practice?

In this module, you will experience: 

  • A guided healing to open up to receiving infinitely from the universe
  • A view into where you are blocking the streams of abundance
  • How to view money flow from an intuitive perspective for your business

Module 11

Preventing Burnout Through Sourcing Your Soul

Burnout is deeper than overworking. It’s a deep depletion on a soul level of joy, vitality, happiness, and soul food. Burnout can affect hormones, sleep cycles, stress, mood, adrenals, appetite, and more. It also can take years to recover from. Preventing burnout includes life balance, but when life demands so much and collective trauma is pervasive, your body may be processing so much energy just by being. It’s important to see the signs of burnout and become unapologetically intuitive about what you need.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • A deep guided meditation to source your body and replenish the feeling of depletion
  • How to clear away old family patterns that glorify overworking and under-earning
  • Ways to manage burnout and recovery

Module 12

Becoming a Grounded Leader Who Leads from Their Light

Your light is going to entail your own unique mission on this planet. How you embody your light is a cultivation of how you are being led and how your light is guiding you. This is a deep commitment to your mission, which will require you to keep doing the inner work. In this final module, we will ground, embody, and integrate all that you have learned in this program and talk about actionable steps that you can take that are courageous and a little outside your comfort zone but aligned for you.

In this module, you will experience: 

  • A deep guided healing to help you ground, embody, and integrate your light and the leader from within you
  • How to lead from your inner light in your life
  • Actionable steps to embody your light and step forward in your life and your business

Is your 

Inner Leader

ready to step forward?

Registration is currently closed.
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About Wendy

Wendy De Rosa is an international intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. She offers education and training programs for developing intuition, spiritual growth, energy healing, and personal transformation to thousands of people from all over the world who want to develop their intuition and experience personal transformation.

She is the founder of The School of Intuitive Studies and the renowned Energy Healing and Intuition Training. Wendy has been a leading faculty member of The Shift Network, with more than 100,000 people attending her live events and programs. She has been a featured teacher on the MindValley spiritual growth channel Soulvana and has appeared on CBS News/Better Connecticut. She’s written articles for Spirituality & Health, Medium, Thrive, and more. She also hosts her own podcast called the “Wendy De Rosa Sessions” and has taught live in venues such as Kripalu, Omega, 1440, Blue Spirit, and more.

She is a published author with her works, including Becoming an Empowered Empath: How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition, New World Library. Her other titles include her bestselling Energy Healing Through the Chakras: A Guide to Self-Healing and  Expanding Your Heart: Awakening through Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening. She is also a contributing author to Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times with Wayne Dyer, Bryan Tracy, John Assaraf and other leaders in personal growth.