Ilene Leshinsky

Ilene Leshinsky

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“There Is deep safety within her container.”

I was immediately drawn to Ilene Leshinsky.  I don’t know why I just followed my intuition. I had been in trainings before and I didn’t always feel safe or supported.  So as I took a tenuous step each and every day, I was supported and held in a very clear and loving container with Ilene.  Her healing abilities are vast and she was able to work with me to balance me, and help me to fill in what I was lacking. As a healer, her lower body wisdom, safety and strength is what I was drawn to, but Ilene is a full body Empath and has many tools and talents at her disposal.  She is grounded, compassionate and her formal training as a psychotherapist lent a great deal of insight into what was holding me back. We co-created every time. Her boundaries are healthy and if it wasn’t for her, I would not have made it through this program. It is with great integrity, a high amount of appreciation, and deep respect that I recommend Ilene.  There Is deep safety within her container.  Thank you, Ilene, for your service.  God Bless you.

~ Jackie G


“I highly recommend Ilene to anyone who is looking to heal their inner child, connect to oneself and mend relationships.”

I have had the utmost pleasure to work with Ilene Leshinsky privately and as well as her being a group Leader.  Ilene is experienced and professional and has helped me in so many ways including gently coaxing me to open up with a group.  This was huge for me.  In my private healing sessions, Ilene helped me with fear, health issues, and letting go of things that had held me back.  Her wealth of knowledge and ability to be witness to some of my deepest vulnerabilities, making me feel safe and comfortable was life-changing.  I highly recommend Ilene to anyone who is looking to heal their inner child, connect to oneself and mend relationships.

~ Terry P


“I felt so very safe in this healing with Ilene.”

Ilene was my IHTP assistant who brought compassion, wisdom, understanding, patience, encouragement, safety, inclusion to each of our individual meetings and also to our Sister Soul Pod gatherings…My healing session with Ilene provided me with a much more expansive healing than I had anticipated. (W)ith Ilene’s guidance, questions, descriptions, patience, I was able to understand and clear this issue. I felt so very safe in this healing with Ilene… It was a very positive and healing session.

~ Kris O


“You are in capable hands when you work with Ilene.”

You are in capable hands when you work with Ilene. She brings a wealth of professional experience and knowledge into every healing, which sets the foundation for safety and healing. Her encouragement, kindness and openness give you the sense that she truly wants you to fulfill your highest potential.

~ Julia N


I’m so glad you’re here! It means you want more joy and fulfillment in your life.

Or maybe you want to ease the pain of old wounds, loss, or trauma, or those curveballs that life throws us. I’m Ilene Leshinsky and I want to help.

Throughout my thirty-year career as a psychotherapist, teacher, empath, and intuitive energy healer, I’ve been guiding women to embrace their emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being.

I love working with women! So often we don’t realize our own gifts and talents. Because we are taking care of so much else – our families, our jobs, our communities, our multiple roles – we often get lost. We forget we are special and worthy. I would like to help you find your way back to yourself.

She’s there, inside you, waiting.

We will work collaboratively, in partnership with each other. Why? Because I believe in my heart of hearts, that each of us holds the innate wisdom to heal. Our partnership will enhance your own innate healing potential, and unblock and free your Qi, your Prana, your life force.

I have been an Assistant for two years, and a Lead Facilitator, entering my second year of Wendy De Rosa’s School of Intuitive Studies Training Programs. Also, I am a graduate of Boston University’s Master of Social Work Program with thirty years of counseling experience.

Are you ready to blossom? Well then, let’s work together.