Jacqueline Hudiburg

Jacqueline Hudiburg

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“May the Fire that burns inside you, Be the Light that guides you.”

As I was sitting in meditation recently, I heard this from my Higher Guidance, and I knew I must share this with others as it’s where we are all guided back to along this journey.

When I began this program, a spark got lit within me. It was always there. I recognized it. It was just buried under dense layers of soot. As the energy cleared and the soot was removed, that tiny spark reignited growing into a beautiful fire that burned deep inside me. Over time with tending, that fire began expanding, spreading Light throughout my whole being. Illuminating my Central Channel and every single cell in my body. An Awakening of my Soul Essence, the Light of who I am, now guides me on a daily basis. I am forever grateful for this work. I would love to share it with you.

Hi, I’m Jackie. I’m an Intuitive Energy Healer, Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and Integrative Mind Body Coach. I’ve been practicing bodywork for over 25 years and became interested in Energy Healing as I sensed my clients needed more than surface work. I began an in depth study at The School of Intuitive Studies two years ago, and my life has changed tremendously. I’ve had years of Trauma Therapy, Somatic Work, and Coaching. Nothing has changed me or rearranged me like Intuitive Energy Healing. The best way I can describe it is,” this work goes underneath” to the places within us that are never seen. Illuminating them to be cleared, making room for our Light, so that we may step into the full Essence of who we are. And it all begins with Grounding. Without Grounding, there’s a lack of safety making it hard to truly heal. I struggled with this my first year. I did a lot of work in my lower three Chakras and finally reestablished that secure connection. It took Patience and Trust. It was a valuable lesson and now I help others to do the same. If your wanting to dig deep, and are looking for a transformational process, I am willing to hold the space for you as you walk the journey back home to your Self.

“I felt very safe during the session. Jackie supported me with my thoughts and emotions with compassion and without judgment. The release I felt during the process was significant and I still feel it today”.-Kayla K

“I thoroughly enjoyed my Intuitive Energy Healing session with Jackie. I chose to work with her because I was feeling like I had lost my sparkle and was creatively blocked. She opened the session by sharing “what to expect” which created a sense of safety. During the session I felt both held and heard in the co creative process that followed. I was able to male conscious and heal a part of my inner child that had remained elusive until now. I left feeling more energized and hopeful. Jacqueline is both highly intuitive and skilled in this work.I would recommend anyone to give it a try to see if it’s right for you. It could change your life!” -Colleen R

“Jackie has a gift for transformative healing. As a healthcare practitioner working with the tangible, physical body I am aware that some people need more than physiological interventions, myself included. Jackie’s guidance through an intuitive healing session revealed chronic, deep factors impacting my wellness. Just one session with Jackie cleared one of those major influences, promoting a lightness within and revitalizing me with passion toward fulfilling my purpose in life.” -Nadine W

“Jackie’s intuitive healing session was amazing! I was surprised by the insights that surfaced and how relaxed I felt afterwards. Everyone should experience this! I’m already planning regular sessions for myself, like a tune-up for my well-being.”- Jackie D