Jaime Johansson

Jaime Johansson

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I am Jaime Johansson and I live near Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I have a B.Ed from the University of Alberta, and I have enjoyed a rewarding career as a teacher in the province of Alberta. Because of my natural ability to connect and show up for students and colleagues as a grounded and supportive listener, I spent the last several years of my teaching career working as school counselor, learning coach, and mental health and wellness coach. I could have continued teaching for many years, but I came to realize that my true calling was to be a healer and spiritual coach.

From a young age, I knew I was different and that I had something important to do in the world, but the conditioning of family and society caused me to leave it all behind, pursuing a more conventional path. Following the call of my heart, I began the transition from teacher to coach, returning once again to the role of student. I received my Master Life Coach Certification from Transformation Academy and followed that with my Intuitive Energy Healer Certification from the School of Intuitive Studies. Through my training, I was able to reconnect with my soul’s mission and do my own deep healing work.

As I continue a lifelong path of healing and self-discovery, I will follow my calling, combining the skills of a life coach and intuitive energy healer within a private practice devoted to intuitive and spiritual development. I define a healer as someone who helps others to find within themselves the ability to heal and grow, to uncover their own light and let it shine. As an intuitive energy healer and coach, my passion is to work with individuals who are seeking spiritual growth, so that I may help them uncover blocks, belief systems and wounds that prevent them from standing in their own power as a spiritual being in a human experience.

When working with clients, I use my blend of mystic and empathic abilities and a style of guided meditation that evokes deep energetic healing spaces for personal release and transformation. I am also a musician, working as piano accompanist, choral director, composer and arranger. Whenever possible, I plan to infuse my healing practice with the vibrational qualities of inspired music through recorded meditations and intuitively guided performances.