Margie Hall

Margie Hall

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“Thank you for all you do. Your support. Your kindness. Your viewpoint. Your loving, gentle guidance. Margie, I talk directly to you in my answers because I trust you. Knowing I had to journal and that someone would be receiving and assessing (my words only) my “work” felt invasive and scary. But this journey would not have been productive or as validating and genuine without you. THANK YOU MARGIE!”

~ Arlette (EHIT Student)


“You are amazing Margie! I have never had an experience similar to what happened yesterday in my 8 years of meditating and energy healing. It is a testament to your strong ability as an energy healer to evoke such substantial healing in the short period of time you have been working with me. I appreciate you!”

~ Susan


“I requested a healing session from Margie. The night before I set my intention for a deep healing to occur. Once we arrived on the call, the information she shared with me was deeper than I had ever expected. She assisted me with an issue I had been carrying since I was a young child. This issue was a large driving force throughout my life. Having a better understanding of what I needed to address, has given me a new perspective. Now I am working on acceptance, love and support from others. Thank you Margie I could not have done this without you. I will continue to work on the issues we discussed. You have brought peace to my life. Bless You!!!”

~ Regan


Sometimes when we feel stuck in life, it is the energy of the past that weighs us down. I like to support my clients by healing what holds them back from living their best lives. This is a method that I have used to support my own personal transformation. Here’s my story:

In 1986, I graduated with a Bachelor of Science and then spent the next 38 years working in the Information Technology industry. Always aware of my intuitive gifts, after a divorce in 2000, I started exploring my intuitive and empathic abilities and inadvertently set myself on a 20+ years spiritual journey.
Through that journey I uncovered repressed/suppressed childhood trauma and sought to understand the impact those events had on the quality of my life and adult relationships. While I found traditional counseling effective, I was innately guided to go deeper and understand the impact that trauma had on my soul. After exploring many types of alternative therapies, I found energy healing to be the most effective. My healing journey was so profound, I wrote a book (After the Blue Light – One Soul’s Healing Journey) about it.

In recent years, after suffering from trauma once again (when a loved one died by suicide) I was guided to Wendy’s doorstep (2019) to heal myself and realize the call to help others. After completing 1st and 2nd year of the Energy Healing and Intuition (then called IHTP) I have volunteered (for the last 3 years) as an assistant to Wendy and have supported many students through the EHIT program. It has become my passion.

Being a Certified Intuitive Energy Healer and Reiki practitioner means I can use my intuitive gifts to heal and clear stuck/suppressed emotions, limiting belief systems, unhealthy dynamics in personal/work relationships and self-sabotaging behavior patterns. For those with early childhood trauma, I can also help reparent and heal the inner child.

There is nothing like the feeling of truly letting go of the past, feeling at peace and moving forward in life feeling empowered and unencumbered. I would love to help you heal what’s holding you back!