Nora Hoogzaad

Nora Hoogzaad

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English, Dutch

We all possess a deep reservoir of love, energy, and well-being within us. You intuitively know this, which is why you’re here, seeking healing to access it. We all deserve to feel connected to our inner love and well-being, even though life on this planet can make it challenging at times. Obstacles and patterns can obscure our innate wisdom, light, and beauty, leaving us wondering what’s happening beneath the surface and how we can release it to let our true self shine.

My name is Nora, and I’m delighted you’ve found your way here. I don’t believe in coincidences. I understand the darker aspects of life because I’ve experienced them myself. I’ve navigated through depression, eating disorders, addiction, and more. Despite the hardships, these experiences taught me to respect and value the challenging parts of my being. Embracing our shadows allows us to fully embrace our light.

Imagine a loving, safe space, free from judgment, where you can release these feelings and patterns. A place where you can explore and be supported by a compassionate guide who helps you feel, let go, and express. Someone who can tap into intuitive guidance to help you access the light within. A sanctuary where you can rest, breathe, release, and call in healing.

Connected to the earth and divine guidance, I can be your lighthouse in the storm, offering a hand to hold through the good, the bad, and the ugly. Through intuition, we will determine what’s needed specifically for you, whether it’s conversation and insight, energy clearing, past life exploration, inner child work, movement and more.

My sessions are known for being safe, gentle, feminine, and strong. My intention is for you to live a life deeply connected to your empowered, intuitive, wise, and compassionate self, full of love and beauty.

It would be my honor and joy to work with you