R. Maya Briel

R. Maya Briel

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Nature has always has been my best guide, teacher, and inspiration. Being grounded and connected with Nature continues to teach me about sacred relationships, healing, and clearing and recalibrating my own body and energy channels. My passion is helping people to reclaim their inner wisdom and life force.

I have been a massage therapist and body worker for nearly 30 years so my intuitive healings are more empathic and energy body focused. Knowing myself and being able to trust what I am feeling and my perceptions has brought freedom and choice into my life. This is a big reason why we wade into deeper healing. When we clear away the debris and old emotions that can muddy our perception or get projected from past experiences and beliefs into present reality and relationships, it opens our ability to trust.

Some of my interests and training include Cranial Sacral Therapy, School of Intuitive Studies (DeRosa), Healing from the Core (Scurlock), Quantum Physics (Gibson), Aroma Therapy, Zero Balancing-Polarity, Voice Dialogue (Stone), Sound Healing (McKusick), Yoga and Kirtan. Additionally, my training encompasses the Foundation for Shamanic Studies, Earth Healers and I am an Eco-Spiritual Mentor through the Earth Tribe.  You get the idea!  I love to learn and explore!