Becoming an Empowered Empath

During this Virtual, Self-Paced Retreat, you will discover how to detox your energy body, set boundaries & embody your empathic intuition.

The suggested 3 days worth of training sessions, experiential practices, and guided healings with Wendy will allow you to:

‣ Uncover your intuitive power so you can step into your essential role in the new consciousness evolution

‣ Shift from overly empathic to an empowered empath by grounding, uncovering your energetic anatomy, and strengthening your energy tools through daily practice

‣ Heal historic imprints, the energy of fear or lack, and how to manage and strengthen your energy in your lower chakras

‣ Move through practices including meditations, internal awarenesses, senses, and visualizations to support you with maintaining your energy in the world.

Session 1: Shifting From Overly Empathic to an Empowered Empath — learn how how shifting the pattern of overwhelm comes from understanding the energy you hold in your lower three chakras, what grounding means and how to shift the energy in your body that may make it difficult for you to feel inherently grounded.

Session 2: Healing Historic Imprints in the Lower Chakras — learn how the lower chakras carry immense history that impacts how you operate in your social environment, in relationships, and within yourself.

Session 3: Healing the Intergenerational, Systemic & Karmic Energy of Fear and Lack — learn how fear can fuel
your system and your mind, when we’re raised in the energy that lacks safety, trust, permission to feel feelings, affection, love, acceptance, truth, or any other vital emotional need to help you build trust in yourself.

Session 4: How to Thrive as an Empowered Empath Through Service & Practices for Wellbeing — learn how your energy work on this retreat holds the foundational tools you’ll need for support as you make an embodied shift.

Receive INSTANT ACCESS to your Bonus Collection for further teaching and access to a daily practice to use anytime.

Bonus #1: Your Gifts as an Empath
Bonus #2: A Simple Grounding Practice