Clearing Emotional Blocks to Intuition

Your intuition is the wise and unconditionally loving voice of your soul. You were born with it. It’s part of who you are. But it’s often very hard to hear… It’s time to clear your emotional blocks.

Until you move with intention to clear these emotional blocks, your divine intuitive voice — the inner knowledge that always wants what’s best for you, that will never steer you wrong — can easily be drowned out by the loud, non-stop chatter of your ego.

I’ll show you how to quiet the know-it-all, fear-based aspects of your ego-mind. Once you’ve learned to distinguish from the wounded ego, you’ll learn to connect with the soft, wise voice of your intuition that’s been with you all along.

Clearing Emotional Blocks to Intuition is the definitive course for clearing the chatter and inner resistance so you can let your intuition flow. You’ll master how to access it whenever you need…

This new format for this popular online course means you can proceed through the course at your own pace. It’s the ideal way to get centered in your soul and present to the abundance of wisdom and deep knowing that resides within you…once you get still enough to hear it.

What You’ll Learn with Clearing Emotional Blocks to Intuition:

  • How to ground, even in times of chaos and stress.
  • Meditation for all levels of practitioners.
  • How and when to use healing breathwork and mindful movement.
  • My practices for processing and releasing emotions.
  • Simple methods to quickly decompress and center.