Forgiving From the Heart – Bundle

Forgiving From The Heart

Receive four 50-minute powerful Divine Guidance Healings with Wendy De Rosa! Forgiveness can’t be forced, nor does it work when there is pressure to forgive. Pressure to forgive overrides true feelings that need to be seen or processed in order to have authentic forgiveness. Any resistance to forgiving is wisdom, and so is forgiveness itself. In this group of healings, you’ll receive powerful guidance and energy clearing needed for forgiveness to feel authentic and free.

In this bundle, you will receive these 4 Divine Guidance Healings:

1) Guided Healing for a Blocked Heart Chakra to Support Self-Forgiveness (April 2019)

2) Guided Healing for Karmic Wound of Betrayal to Repair Trust (August 2019)

3) Healing Resistance to Forgiveness: Release Patterns Keeping You from Being in Divine Flow (August 2021)

4) Loving, Forgiving, and Making Peace with Your Inner Teenager (November 2023)

Each guided healing is a powerful transformational experience that is close to 50 minutes long. Carve out time to deeply receive, clear energy, and align.