Healing For the Chakras – Bundle

Are you ready to transform through chakra healing? Chakras are power centers in the body, and while there are many ways to clear blocked energy, a Divine Guidance Healing chakra clearing offers a unique experience. This is your chance to receive messages from Spirit Guides and Angels, helping to clear lifelong blocks and free up your life-force energy, chakra by chakra. In this chakra healing bundle, you’ll detoxify subconscious fears held in your root chakra and achieve deep soul alignment with the light of your true self.

In this bundle, you will receive these three 50-minute powerful Divine Guidance Healings:

  1. A Root Chakra Healing: For Grounding and Empowerment (May 2019)
  2. A Sacred Journey Through a Full Chakra Clearing to Reset and Align Your Body, Mind and Soul (December 2019)
  3. A Full Body Chakra Healing for the Current Times (August 2022)

Carve out time to deeply receive, clear energy and align.