Healing the Empathic Heart

Healing the Empathic Heart is a 3 session workshop where you will learn vital information about the energetic system, why sensitive, intuitive, and empathic people are taking on the energy of others, and how to shift that dynamic so that you can live more grounded, present and empowered in your body.

Then, you will learn about the three aspects of the Heart Chakra and why energy clearing in the heart space is critical for your health, wellbeing, your soul’s purpose, and greater love.

In this three-hour workshop, you will discover:

• Why you are taking on the energy of others

• The difference between being empathic and being overly empathic

• An overview of the role of the 3 lower chakras for empaths, sensitives, and intuitives

• Grounding and embodying

• The power of your heart chakra for purpose, calling, and higher mission

• The importance of energy clearing and releasing harboured pain in your heart

• Reconnection to self, self-love, higher love, and humanity