Healing the Uncertainty of Becoming and Embracing the In-Between

As human beings, we are often personally and collectively thrust into the unknown about the future. Whether it is with the economy, an election year, technological advancements, sickness in the body, consciousness evolving, or how to simply be. In response, we can inadvertently allow uncertainty to define our experience of the unknown through avoidance, disengagement, or force entrapping us in a cycle of fear. But there is another perspective we can choose to understand our experience and leverage emotions to embrace empowerment. The positioning of uncertainty within the transitions of life is a call to deepen our connection to ourselves and our stillness because, in that space, we are becoming…more true, more honest, and more authentic. Yet, it’s awkward to be in the unknown, the silence, the discomfort, and the transitions as we become more whole.  In this Divine Guidance Healing, you will receive Angelic Energy clearing to support your healing in the space between who you were and who you are becoming. This guided healing will help clear fears that are arising and nurture your soul through life’s transitions.