Healing through the Holidays

When the holidays approach, the personal need for healing can clash with the expectations, personalities, and hustle and bustle, leaving very little space to consciously release what doesn’t serve you and become grounded in who you are.
It also becomes easy to feel overwhelmed by other people’s energy or the state of the world and powerless to remain centered or know what to do. You might feel consumed, disoriented, and even fearful of the future. The great news is this digital retreat will help you clear core and ancestral imprints that block you from moving to the next level in yourself and align your body, mind, and soul with refreshed and clear intentions.

In this workshop, you will receive:

• A deep guided healing facilitated through Spirit Guides and Angels — to release what no longer serves you in your energy, body, and nervous system… and to get centered in the truth of why you’re here

• An embodied sense of freedom through the release of collective energy and a deeper understanding of what it means to heal — a way to let go of the past and trust the light you came into this world to be

• A powerful guided journey to help you ground and connect to your inner light, rootedness, and power in your lower body — so you can hold your center and not take on the energy of others at the dinner table or during the holidays

• A deeper awareness of your soul’s truth and how to set intentions from feeling inner connected as well as an Energetic Alignment of Your Intentions to attune you to love and release the density in the body — support aligning and supercharging your intentions.

This course was originally recorded as a Holiday Online Retreat in 2023.

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