Honoring the Sacred Within

Receive collective guidance, information, and guided steps for integration about Honoring the Sacred Within: Release Energy & Ignite Your Inner Light with Aligned Intentions.

At the end of each year, there is a sacred time of healing, letting go and honoring the sacred within. We continue to be called to deeper levels of healing and out of healing comes the infinite potential of your light, the power of your heart — and the rise of your intuitive abilities. In this online retreat, you will unwind the internal noise and love, let go of old energy, ground your body during the holidays, and create powerful intentions for the new year ahead– all in a divinely held space for your soul’s healing. Allow the ambiance of light, music, intentions, connection, and heart space transport you into the deeper layers of your system- the energy you have received and the energy you are willing to let go of.

In this workshop, you will receive:

• Deep guided healing facilitated through Spirit Guides and Angels — to release what no longer serves you in your energy, body, and nervous system… to receive nurturing from the earth to allow for a steady bonded connection to your intentions

• Vibrational and sound healing and breath work to help access and clear energy to support grounded and aligned intentions

• A powerful guided journey of deep clearing of energy and beliefs that may block our alignment with our central aligned Truth from the sacred within

• Crystal Bowl sound bath healing for clearing and alignment to inspire a shift for the illuminated Light within you

This course was originally recorded as a Holiday Online Retreat in 2022.

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