The Dance of the Mystic and the Empath

Mystics are fully awake in the upper chakra — and have a connection to the Divine that comes to them through sight, hearing, and their other senses. Empaths have an intuitive ability to feel the energy of others and the world around them. This means it’s very easy to get caught up in the energetic overwhelm of life. Both mystics and empaths lead very active inner lives — and it’s essential to keep their intuition strong… either by grounding or opening up. For these two powers — grounding and opening up — to feel whole, a profound energy clearing is the next step… As you’ll discover, when you’re feeling disconnected, there isn’t enough prana going through the body to support security. Join Wendy De Rosa  — as she guides you to clear energy blockages so you can understand the depth of your own intuition. During this 2-day healing virtual retreat with Wendy, you’ll discover:

  1. A deeper understanding of your gifts and abilities 
  2. How to feel confident in your personal power —  and fully trust yourself
  3. Empowering, in-depth language to help you discuss your gifts and abilities, expressing your feelings more freely
  4. How to manage the overwhelm or out-of-balance experience you often have with energy
  5. Ways to connect to the power that wants to emerge through you — the light that can guide you to an understanding of your intuitive power
  6. Ways to search for your deeper purpose, or a way to serve in this world
  7. Practical tools to help you become fully grounded and embodied
  8. How to allow your intuition to lead you
  9. And much more…

Added Bonuses!!

  1. Understanding the Intuitive Gifts of the Mystic
  2. Understanding the Intuitive Gifts of the Empath