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How to Become an Intuitive Healer

Are you feeling the call from within to develop your intuition to help heal yourself and to support others?

As mentioned on the webinar the conversation depends when you are looking at how to connect to self, live more empowered, connect to your intuition and heal. The more you heal old wounds, the stronger the voice of your soul becomes. When left unprocessed, these wounds leave imprints in the body that do affect the clarity of your intuitive voice.​

If this resonates for you too, here is a bit more: As an intuitive or sensitive person, you most likely grew up in an environment that didn’t understand how to nurture your gift. As a result you developed some coping mechanisms to survive in the world, and one of them was to hide your light, contract yourself, and take on the energy of others, making it more important than your own.

​I’ve been there too, and I can tell you that the only way to stop the confusion around boundaries, energy and intuition is to step into it and develop it. We are in a time where consciousness is growing and many people are being called to step into learning the skills, tools and knowledge to develop your intuitive gift.

​If you are being called, you are ready for the Intuitive Healer Training Program

This is a mentorship-style program where you will acquire the skills to administer transformation for yourself and others. Specifically, course objectives include learning how to:​

  • Uncover who you really are at your core.
  • Discover your gifts and utilize them in your life.
  • Separate true intuition from mental chatter.Understand the importance of the energetic anatomy.
  • Learn how to clear you own energy and stop taking on the energy of others.
  • Find the path to your soul and your purpose on Earth.
  • Facilitate therapeutic healing for yourself and others.
  • Tap into the power within, instead of looking outward for answers.

​If you are interested in taking a powerful step in the direction of supporting your true self and expansion of your gifts, I encourage you to schedule a call with me to see if the program is a good fit.

Once you click on the button to schedule, you will be sent to an application. You must fill out the application to confirm the call.I am looking forward to supporting you in a powerful journey of expanding your intuitive gifts.