Online Self-Paced Training

With Author, Teacher & Intuitive Healer

Wendy De Rosa

As consciousness rises, we face two realities. The world intensifies around you while the inner call to find your true self and inner peace deepens.

If you are sensitive, empathic, intuitive, creative, or a helper, healer, visionary, or on the front lines of humanity, it can be easy to feel the energy of the world collides with the energy within you.

We are all called to deeper levels of embodiment and healing. Escaping the healing could lead to more chaos, inner confusion, addictions, disconnection, and toxic relationship dynamics.

So here is what is important to know: There is a deeper YOU in the center of it all that may not have had the chance to emerge…yet. Perhaps it is shrouded by the energy of others, the old conditioning patterns, and it is time to unravel and let go.

You cannot access the deeper you through the frontal lobe of your brain…instead, the journey into becoming more you is a soul journey inward through meditative states of inner healing to find your center and become more grounded.

What is your center, and why is it important to access it?

Your center is your soul’s dwelling place of infinite light and consciousness. Your center is a pathway in your body that is deeper than your mind, and it is the spiritual center of who you are. It is underneath your nervous system yet weaves throughout the systems of your body.

Your center is a crucial component of this lifetime and the world around you. Since the world is so ungrounded, lost, and disconnected from its essence, your deposit of light is crucial. Finding your center means that you are grounded in who you are and are connected to your deeper intuition. Sometimes, help is needed to get there.

What is Grounding?

Grounding is our physical connection to the natural frequencies of the earth. It is one of the most vital energetic connections necessary for your intuition, deeper truth, clarity, health, well-being, and soul. 

The Earth oozes with healthy free electrons constantly, as these electrons are taken from the Earth’s energetic surface and are received up into the body, the electrons have an “antioxidant effect” by neutralizing free radicals that disrupt physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. 

Grounding is the process of receiving these electromagnetic healing properties through the body. It is commonly practiced by walking barefoot on Earth’s natural surfaces, such as grass, sand, dirt, mud, or even water, but grounding can also be practiced energetically through states of meditation and energy healing. 

Nature will always be a natural healer, yet how do you hold onto that grounded feeling amidst your day-to-day life? By grounding your body in skilled and intentional techniques, there is an immediate effect on your physical, mental, and soulful well-being.

The problem is that we live in a world where technology, trauma, ego, infrastructure, and more, take us away from the natural world.  

This leaves us UNgrounded. When we are ungrounded, we may experience feeling:







Physically imbalance



Overly emotional






The good news is that there are tools to ground yourself in ways that will help you access peace and the true center within you, which can contribute to this life in a connected and purposeful way. 

The bonds that may have detached your body from the earth’s healing properties have left your center depleted of the vital life-force energy you need to live your soul’s potential in life.

How do you find your center and stay grounded in an ungrounded world?

Like the Gandhi quote, “Be the change you want to see in the world”, you cannot rely on the world changing for you to feel good inside. Your power and light will expand by shedding layers, finding your center, shifting your beliefs, and becoming more grounded in who you are.

The Grounded Self:
Energy Tools for Stability, Inner Peace, and Well-being In an Ungrounded World is a self-paced, 8-week training where you will learn where your center really is, groundbreaking teachings to ground energetically, and why it will change every interaction, heal every relationship, and shift how you operate in the world. 

As opposed to a course, this is a training because the shift comes from carving new neural pathways and training your body to respond to brand-new healthy patterns.  

If you are a parent, professional, teacher, student, leader, first responder, soul-seeker or on the journey to grow spiritually and soulfully and live in these dynamic times, this course is for you.  Anyone at any age can benefit from the teachings in this training. 

About Myself: 

I am Wendy, I have supported thousands of empaths, intuitives, sensitives, visionaries, and soul seekers on a journey through their interiors to meet parts of them worth reclaiming.

I know how it feels to be ungrounded and disconnected from the true light of who I am, and I also know what it feels like to reconnect and find that power again. I would love to support you in reconnecting with the power within you that comes through grounding.

Grounding has always been the foundation for intuitive development and energy healing, and this training will show you how to do it.

Thankfully, reconnecting through energy healing will open up a flow in your inner system that can leave you feeling:











Module 1
What Is Grounding and What Does it Mean to Find Your Center
Module 2
The Energetic Anatomy and How to Clear Energetic Blocks that Contributed to Being Chronically Ungrounded
Module 3
Reconnecting the Cut-off to Vital Earth Energy
Module 4
Grounding Through Reclaiming Your Emotional Center
Module 5
Building Inner Security by Repairing the Loss of Your Center
Module 6
Grounding Your Heart, Settling Your Mind, and Become attuned to your Body
Module 7
Practices to Live Grounded, Centered, and Embodied
Module 8
Integration and Embodiment: Bringing Grounding Into Your Life
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When you register for this 8-week course, you will learn:

  • How to deepen your consciousness by understanding your energetic anatomy
  • What it means to ground and practices to rebuild your energetic connection to the earth’s frequencies 
  • Where to find your center and how to deepen your connection to it
  • How to shift your relationship with others and energies around you by developing a stronger sense of self
  • How to stop taking on the energy of others 
  • Rituals to stay centered, grounded and connected to yourself for a healthier life
  • How to embody your fullest potential and who you are here to be 

When you register for this training, you will receive:

8 Training Sessions to learn your energetic anatomy, what prevents you from grounding and centering, and how to rebuild your core sense of self. (Sessions are recorded and available to watch at your convenience)

$1,297 Value

8 Guided Inner Journeys to repattern your subconscious, release unwanted energy, ground yourself, and reconnect to your true light. (Sessions are recorded and available to watch at your convenience)8 Guided Inner Journeys to repattern your subconscious, release unwanted energy, ground yourself, and reconnect to your true light. (Sessions are recorded and available to watch at your convenience)

$1,297 Value

Self-paced curriculum that gives you the flexibility to move through the process according to your own schedule.
Reflective questions and deepening assignments where you can immediately implement the teachings into your daily life. (Included!)
An Ebook and downloadable handouts to support the education of your energy system and spiritual journey to reconnect with yourself.

$97 Value

Your exclusive Bonus Package for this course listed below!

$294 Value

An online community of like-minded souls who are here to encourage and support your mutual journey. (included)
TOTAL VALUE$3,000.00

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Your Exclusive Bonus Collection

Total Value $1,900.00

Bonus #1 - Foundation Sessions for the Intuitive Healer Training Program

Whether you are beginning the full training program or just starting the grounding journey, this is a very special bonus. It’s our exclusive 5-part video series that will support you with the foundations of beginning a process of energy work. The video series includes setting up your daily practice, breathwork, the pillar of light, the grounding cord, the saboteur, and emotions.  Each foundational aspect helps prepare you for the energy work ahead and addresses how to work with the saboteur archetype when you are about to begin a transformational process. ($197)


Bonus #2 - Grounded Meditation - Ground your body and align your chakras in 10 minutes!

This 10-minute guided meditation is set to original guitar music created by Wendy and a backdrop to her soothing voice as she guides you into alignment.  This meditation can be beneficial for all ages and can be used every day to feel settled, calm, and centered.  ($15)

Bonus #3 - Grounding Ebook

This brand-new ebook on grounding provides tangible tools and teachings on grounding.  As a perfect accompaniment to the deeper dive into this program, you will receive an overview of what grounding is and how to implement grounding in your daily life.

Frequently Asked Questions {FAQs}

Q: What is the time commitment for the program?

A: The time commitment for the program is roughly 2 contact hours a week with the materials.

Q: Can I spend more time practicing the work outside of the contact hours?

A: Yes, we encourage you to practice the work in your daily life, so that could include as many non-contact hours as you’d like.

Q: Why is it important to practice the work outside of the contact hours?

A: Our intention is that you experience a shift by integrating this work into your daily life and awareness.

Q: What kind of work will I be doing during the contact hours?

A: The program materials will provide you with guidance and exercises designed to help you cultivate awareness and make positive shifts in your life.

Q: What if I am unable to commit to the 2 contact hours a week?

A: Once you purchase the program, you will have lifetime access to the program. Go at your own pace, but put a reminder in your calendar to come back to the program if you need to pause due to life. You will see a difference in your life once you implement the tools of this program.