Are you a leader, coach, professional, therapist, entrepreneur, founder, or creative, ready for a whole new way to live your purpose and expand your impact?

Do you sense, deep within, that there's more to learn about your intuitive abilities?

The calling of intuition is Divinely led and soulfully felt. You’re not odd, weird, or out there. You’re a human being awakening to the gifts within you that society didn’t know how to nurture all those years ago.

I’m Wendy De Rosa, bestselling author and global teacher of intuition for nearly 30 years. Join me in this informative and candid video, where you’ll discover the proven path to develop your intuition by releasing lifelong blocks and experiencing true personal transformation.


Why Intuition Matters

Intuition is more than just a hunch or gut feeling; it’s how the consciousness of your soul communicates through your body.  People experience intuition differently, and it is a game changer to learn which aspects of intuition are your strength…. and how all areas of your life transform when you know how to work with your gifts. To harness its full potential, we must address the energetic blocks that hinder its development.

In a recent Live Q&A session, I delved into the intricate relationship between energy healing and intuition. I shared insights on how clearing these blocks is vital for unlocking the true depth of intuitive abilities. This discussion offers invaluable guidance for anyone committed to honing their intuitive skills, from understanding the subtle nuances of our energetic system to practical techniques for clearing blockages.

Sit, Relax, + Let’s Dive In!

Are you ready to take the next step on your journey of self-discovery and empowerment? I invite you to watch the recording of this insightful Live session.

In this video, you’ll gain:

  • Deep insights into the connection between energy healing and intuition.

  • A path to learn how to identify and clear energetic blocks.

  • An understanding of how to cultivate intuition in a grounded and embodied way.

  • And much more!

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You’ve given me a renewed gift of life.

— J.N.

“There is nothing that could have prepared me for the work I would do in this program or the healing that would take place. It has been one miracle after the next as I deepen my gifts and refine my ability to clear my energy. What was once hopeless is now hopeful. What was once unbearably constricted is now substantially more light-filled as I lean into trust and embody more of who I truly am. My purpose here on earth and my highest good/health are unfolding as I continue to stay connected to the clearest, truest channel straight to God. My creativity, self-worth, healthy sexuality, confidence, and unconditional love continue to open, evolve, and deepen. I embrace this new reality where I get to call myself a Healer.  There are no words. There are so many words. I am deeply grateful. You’ve given me a renewed gift of life.”