Are you a leader or professional who strives to shine brightly in your role but finds yourself held back by burnout, the stress of managing workloads and teams, and the loss of soul food and connection to yourself?

I can help. 

…and get ready for a different approach – one that includes addressing deeper energetic blocks that keep you from accessing peace, freedom, and abundance. 

It is the secret to breaking free from the constraints of negative energy and stepping into your full power as a leader.

Introducing Intuitive Energy Healing & One-on-One Coaching Sessions tailored specifically for leaders and professionals like you. 

My unique approach combines the wisdom of intuitive energy healing with personalized guidance to help you clear the energy blocks that hinder your ability to lead from your authentic self.

What is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Intuitive energy healing is a holistic practice that recognizes the interconnectedness of mind, body, and spirit. It operates on the principle that imbalances in our energy field can manifest as physical, emotional, or mental challenges. By tapping into intuitive insights and channeling universal energy, I can help identify and release these blockages in your energetic system, restoring harmony and vitality to your being.

Clearing Energy Blocks for Empowered Leadership 

As a leader, you can face a myriad of challenges, both internal and external. Often, the most significant obstacles lie within – unresolved emotions, limiting beliefs, and past traumas that dampen your confidence and creativity.

My Intuitive Energy Healing & Coaching Sessions target these energy blocks, empowering you to:

  • Embrace Your Authenticity by releasing the masks you wear and connect with your true essence as a leader.

  • Cultivate Confidence by overcoming self-doubt and step into your power with unwavering confidence.

  • Enhance Clarity and Vision by gaining clarity on your goals and vision, which enable you to lead with purpose and precision.

  • Foster Resilience in the face of challenges and maintain your balance and composure under pressure.

  • Inspire and Influence by radiating positive energy and charisma to inspire those around you, and catalyze positive change within your organization.

  • Overcome Burnout which starts at the soul level of who you are and why you are here…a deep and vital connection to your purpose.

Why work with me? 

I am passionate about supporting leaders on their journey to greatness. Here’s why my Intuitive Energy Healing & Coaching Sessions stand out:

  • With 30 years of experience as a healer, speaker, author, teacher, and founder, you would be working with a leading expert in the field of spiritual and personal growth who is relatable, grounded, and “the real deal,” as hundreds of clients have attested.


  • Through my gift of intuition and energy healing, I help you address the root causes of your challenges, promoting lasting transformation on all levels.


  • I connect to higher guidance and facilitate the messages and higher insights that help you clear life-long blocks so your true potential can emerge.


  • Countless clients have experienced breakthroughs and achieved remarkable success through my work, and all have said it is life-changing!


  • Confidentiality and trust are paramount to me, creating a safe space for exploration and growth.


  • I am committed to your ongoing growth and development, offering continuous support and guidance as you navigate your leadership journey.

Wendy is precisely the spiritual mentor I would pray for you to find.


#1 New York Times bestselling author of The Universe Has Your Back

Wendy De Rosa is a real-deal teacher with insights that are both practical and profound.


CEO. The Shift Network

Wendy is one of the most clear, compassionate, and heartfelt healers I know.


Energy healer, teacher, and Mindvalley
author and speaker

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Unlock Your Leadership Potential Today with One-on-One sessions!

Don’t let energy blocks dim your light as a leader. Clear your energy and take the first step toward empowerment and transformation with my Intuitive Energy Healing and Coaching sessions.


$1650 per month for a 3-month package of
2 sessions per month and questions as needed.

Step 1:

$100 non-refundable and pro-rated consultation and application are required to progress. This deposit covers costs and ensures applicants are serious. 

Step 2:

Once you pay the consultation fee, you will receive the application to fill out. The application gives me more information about you prior to the consultation so our time can be used efficiently.

Step 3:

Upon submission of the application, you will receive a link to schedule a consultant with Wendy.

Embrace your true leadership potential and illuminate the path to success for yourself and those you lead. Let’s embark on your journey to leadership excellence!

About Wendy

Wendy De Rosa is an international intuitive energy healer, speaker, teacher, and author. She offers education and training programs for developing intuition, spiritual growth, energy healing, and personal transformation to thousands of people from all over the world who want to develop their intuition and experience personal transformation.

She is the founder of The School of Intuitive Studies and the renowned Energy Healing and Intuition Training. Wendy has been a leading faculty member of The Shift Network, with more than 100,000 people attending her live events and programs. She has been a featured teacher on the MindValley spiritual growth channel Soulvana and has appeared on CBS News/Better Connecticut. She’s written articles for Spirituality & Health, Medium, Thrive, and more. She also hosts her own podcast called the “Wendy De Rosa Sessions” and has taught live in venues such as Kripalu, Omega, 1440, Blue Spirit, and more.

She is a published author with her works, including Becoming an Empowered Empath: How to Clear Energy, Set Boundaries & Embody Your Intuition, New World Library. Her other titles include her bestselling Energy Healing Through the Chakras: A Guide to Self-Healing and  Expanding Your Heart: Awakening through Four Stages of a Spiritual Opening. She is also a contributing author to Bouncing Back: Thriving in Changing Times with Wayne Dyer, Bryan Tracy, John Assaraf and other leaders in personal growth.