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with wendy de rosa

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Clearing the Blocks to Loving Your Body

March 6 @ 11:00 am PT

Our thoughts, feelings, habits, and attitudes towards our bodies are deeply influenced by beliefs that were imprinted in us long before we had words to express them. Culturally ingrained and societal messages have often instilled the idea that something is inherently wrong with our bodies, whether it’s related to aging, weight, proportions, or functions. This healing event is dedicated to supporting you in the process of clearing subconscious judgments, self-hatred, comparisons, and limiting beliefs about your body. The ultimate goal is to foster self-love and acceptance of your body just as it is. By clearing the subconscious judgments and societal beliefs that have held you back from embracing your body, you can find love and acceptance for the body you inhabit. This Divine Guidance Healing promises to be a transformative experience that guides you toward a healthier and more loving relationship with your physical self.

Online Training

Energy Healing & Intuition Training

An In-Depth Online Training to Develop Your Intuition
& Align to Your True Calling

Build Your Toolkit of Powerful Intuitive Energy Healing Techniques to Clear The Out-dated Energy that Blocks Your Intuition and the True Light of Your Soul.

It’s time to awaken your intuitive abilities, for these times are calling us out of hiding, and into the full expression of who you are here to be personally, professionally, and as a human being.

Take a deep dive into the chakras to explore and release energy that no longer serves you. Learn to access the full range of your intuitive gifts, which will allow you to heal deeply and move through the world, feeling grounded and empowered, and so much more.

In Person Retreats and Workshops

OMEGA - Uncover Your Light

Clear Energy That Blocks Your Intuition & Calling

June 7-9, 2024, Rhinebeck, NY

Do you feel disconnected from your soul? Is stress taking over instead of soul connection, intuition, and confidence? As intuitive energy healer Wendy De Rosa explains, we all carry conditioning that has helped us survive, belong, and coexist in an evolving world. Underneath is your light that is meant for this world. The central channel in the energetic system is the center of this light.

Discover the healing and inspiration that occurs when you release the blocks to your soul’s light in this guided journey with Wendy. In this workshop, you:

  • Release survival conditioning that no longer serves you
  • Explore the power of your central channel as the dwelling place of your soul
  • Experience guided energy clearings to release embedded patterns in your body
  • Gain access to your inner light, deeper truth, joy, and intuition

Sun, Sea, & Song for Empaths, Sensitives, & Intuitives

July 6-13, 2024, Costa Rica

Existing on this planet as an empathic, sensitive, aware, intuitive human being requires opportunities for self-care, connection, and healing. There is a call for empathic and intuitive people to step into their power and light and live their gifts in the world.

To do this, energy healing becomes vital for clear intuition, healthy boundaries, a strong center, integrity, self-love, and a deep connection with your soul. In this evolutionary time on the planet, it’s the deep energy healing work that calls each of us to a newer and truer way of being.

Join world-renowned intuitive energy healing teacher, healer, and author, Wendy De Rosa, for an opportunity to nourish your soul with Divinely Guided Healings to release old wounds and outdated energy and connect more powerfully to your intuition.